One Surefire Way to Improve Attendance at Your Next Fundraiser—Make It Fun!

downloadWhen it comes to raising money for your foundation or cause, it’s always a challenge to separate donors from their money. Even though people feel good contributing to a worthy cause, they often feel bombarded by opportunities begging them for their hard-earned money. So how do you stand out and help them choose you?

If you’re organizing a fundraising event, you’re already one step ahead of the curve. Far too many organizations rely solely on online fundraising platforms to acquire the money they need to turn their dream into reality.

You already have a plan, sent out “Save the Date” invitations, and promoted your event to everyone in your network. Now everything is out of your hands, right? Wrong! You can still influence the outcome of your event and boost attendance. How? Simply by making the event fun!

Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re raising money for the local sports team or to help the homeless, you can set your organization apart and attract attention by hosting the event at an exciting location.

Why settle for a boring conference room or run-of-the-mill hotel space when you could excite and entice people to participate?

Lang’s Bowlarama offers a renovated space equipped with a bar and bowling alleys that can easily accommodate dozens of prospective donors. Bowling or other fun, similar activities give guests an additional reason to attend your event.

Inspire Donors with Games, Incentives, and Gratitude

Every fundraising event is better with games and other fun activities. Who wants to discuss the depressing state of the world all evening?

But even if you are bowling, don’t let your event stop there. Design fun incentives to inspire your participants and donors.

When people can win something, they invest more energy and focus. Work with local merchants to offer prizes for “best bowler,” “highest team score,” or even “lowest score” if your group has a good sense of humor.

For example, you can create progressive donation goals using a thermometer-shaped chart. When milestones are met, make someone in your organization wear a funny wig or get a cream pie in the face.

Always remember to say ‘thank you’ often to your donors and participants. A little recognition goes a long way, especially when someone is supporting a good cause.

Now Go Put the “Fun” Back in Fundraising

It is already hard enough to ask someone for their money. And you won’t bore people into donating to your cause.

When you inject some fun into your fundraising, more people will show up and more people will donate.

Every smile you put onto an eventgoer’s face, gets you one step closer to making the world a better place.

Ready to Raise Some Funds?

Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500, or and discuss how Lang’s Bowlarama can turn your fundraising event into the fun, successful event you want and need it to be.


6 Reasons to Throw a Summer Bowling Party!

Host a fun summer party!

With summer officially here, everyone in Rhode Island is heading to the beach. While that’s great, too many people miss out on a best kept secret—summer bowling parties. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, bowling can be an awesome way to party with your family and friends! Here are six reasons you should throw a bowling party this summer.

1. Come Party Rain or Shine
Unless you’re new to Rhode Island, you know that not only are our summers hot and humid, they slam us with an unexpected thunderstorm or two. Planning a party is hard enough as it is. But when it rains, an outdoor party is ruined. Book at Lang’s and you’re ready to party—rain or shine.

2. Beat the Heat
When temperatures start soaring into the 80s or 90s, it gets harder to motivate ourselves to get up and go. If you’re planning a summer party outside, hot Rhode Island days in July and August can kill the mood just as much as feet of snow can in the winter. Come enjoy some indoor fun on our air conditioned lanes and in our Skyline Lounge!

3. Less Planning Work for You
People who just show up to your party never seem to appreciate just how much hard work went into making the event spectacular. Instead of putting the burden on your shoulders, let us help plan your summer party! That gives you more free time to go out and actually enjoy the special occasion.

4. Forget the Mess
If we’re talking about a summer birthday party here, you know how messy 10-15 kids can be. They drop cake, they spill drinks … it’s a hassle to clean up after them when they leave your house. Since we offer affordable, all-included packages for parties, leave the mess to us.

5. Make It a Surprise
If you’ve ever planned a surprise party, you know how hard it is to keep the event hidden from the special person—especially if it’s hosted at your home. Make the surprise easier by driving them to us. We’ll do all the decorating for you to make the surprise exceptional.

6. Pizza, Beer, and More—All In One Place
Whether your guests are 7 or 70, we’ve got you covered. You can enjoy hot pizza and a full bar with a great draft and craft beer selection. We also offer healthier options that make moms happy like organic juice and whole wheat pizza crust! Want something fancy? We offer a full catering menu with hot entrees, appetizers, desserts and more!

Is a Summer Bowling Party Right for You?
We think so! At Lang’s Bowlarama, we handle all the details to make your summer party shine. Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500, or for more information today.

Steal These Ideas and Plan the Best Surprise Party!

Plan a surprise party at the Skyline Event Center!

When planning the best surprise party for your special person, you don’t want to leave things up to chance. Whether the party is for a loved one’s birthday, a coworker’s retirement, or your department’s hardworking staff, flawlessly executing the event can be a daunting task. You have a lot of things to juggle all at once!

As you plan and execute your next surprise party, steal these ideas to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

When NOT to Make an Entrance…
What’s the best way to ruin a surprise party? Have a guest show up late and accidentally give it all away! Schedule the meet-up time much earlier—at least 30 minutes—before the special person’s arrival. Clearly explain it’s a SURPRISE party in the invitation and late arrivals could ruin the fun.

If someone is late, be proactive. Call or text him/her. Ask him/her to wait in the car until the surprise is over. Explain that he/she’s cutting it close and could ruin everything. After you’ve surprised the special person, call the late attendee and invite them on in to party.

The Early Bird … Doesn’t Stress
Of course it’s possible to plan a surprise party in a week—if you’re a very organized person. But with so many moving parts, why struggle and stress to get everything right? Start planning a few weeks, or maybe even months, before the party date to reduce the chances of ruining the surprise.

Video Killed the Radio Star …
After weeks or months of planning, don’t let the big “SURPRISE!” moment go by without getting it on video along with some great pics. Yes, everyone’s phone has a camera now, but why not pass around a bunch of disposable cameras? This way you’ll collect lots of images and you don’t have to wait for anyone to email them to you.

This Isn’t Sixteen Candles—Don’t “Forget Their Birthday”
With all of the hard work you’re investing into the party, don’t inadvertently make the special person feel like everyone’s forgotten! That could hurt her feelings, and the surprise might not compensate for the disappointment she’s felt all day.

The best surprise parties happen when you continue to live life the way you normally would. Maybe you can plan a small decoy gathering or plan a “just you and me” outing. Make sure you demonstrate she’s still on your mind—she’ll suspect nothing.

Three Common Surprise Spoilers—Avoid at All Cost!
1. Children have trouble keeping secrets—don’t tell them about the surprise party weeks before the event. If you need to tell them at all, let them know the day of, that way they don’t have to keep the secret for long.
2. Keep decorations inside and hidden. If you’re boosting your surprise party with flashing lights or other attention-grabbing decorations, make sure they’re not visible from outside the venue.
3. Don’t leave clues. If the special person finds clues, the whole event could be compromised. Keep all receipts hidden and make sure not to accidentally email the person of the hour!

Location, Location, Location
When it comes to throwing a memorable surprise party, you need to know what your special person likes, and there are lots of options … you could host the party at home, a park, hotel, or a beach. But if your special person loves bowling, or simply hanging out with friends with some good food and drinks, a surprise party at Lang’s Bowlarama just might be your perfect location!

If you want to make your next surprise party is a memory of a lifetime, contact Dayna at 401-944-0500 to discuss your options! The Skyline Event Center is a great spot to host a surprise party! With affordable prices, full bar, delicious catering options and more, it’s a great spot to host a great event!

New at the Skyline Lounge: Our all new Bourbon-Whiskey-Scotch Bar!

If you haven’t been to the Skyline Lounge and Event Center lately, you might be interested in this: we now carry over 50 (yes FIFTY!!) brands of Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch!

Here are just a few of the new brands we just added: Glendalough, Revelry, Wigle, 77, Stranahan, Tin Cup, Arran, Tamdhu, Kilchoman, 1792, Blanton, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Jefferson’s, Tullamore Dew, Macal, and the locally produced Battle Cry.

Stop in and enjoy a sip of one of these great brands on the rocks or in a great cocktail! The Skyline is open daily at 5pm, except for Mondays. Hope to see you soon!

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Check Out Our All New Pro Shop!

There’s been some dust in the air around here lately, and now that it’s settled we’ve got a brand new, shiny Pro Shop! Pete’s Pro Shop has been relocated just across from where it used to be, which some fancy updates! Fully stocked with everything you need to get bowling, including bowling balls, shoes, and drilling on site, Pete’s got it all! Stop in and see Pete for all your bowling needs! Call 944-0500 x1008 for more info!

The Science Behind a Great Corporate Event!

If you’re planning a corporate or team-building event, don’t leave success up to chance and don’t use trial-and-error to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Why? Because researchers have done the hard work for you.

Use the following noteworthy findings to help you plan a successful corporate or team building event. Everyone will have fun AND you’ll watch the benefits clocking in with you come Monday morning.

© Cat Laine
Some lovely ladies partying at Lang’s!  Photo: 2015 © Cat Laine.

Non-Work Communication—NOT a Waste of Time!
According to a study from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, a team’s success can be linked to how well they communicate outside of work topics: “With remarkable consistency, the data confirmed that communication plays a critical role in building successful teams. In fact, we’ve found patterns of communication to be the most important predictor of a team’s success.”

Non-work discussions increase respect and empathy among coworkers, the scientists at MIT say. And an event at the bowling alley easily invites informal and fun connections while your employees work as a team. They’ll be more likely to work together as people and help your company as a whole long after leaving the bowling alley.

Want to Innovate? Mix It Up!
In the office, friendships are bound to form within teams. But a study lead by researcher Doris Fay published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that multidisciplinary teams produce more innovation—that means office cliques and small subgroups are actually bad for generating new ideas.

At your next event, don’t let employees fall into the safety of their usual friend groups! Break up established cliques and department teams to foster new connections. When you pick bowling teams, mix up departments (finance, marketing, operations, etc.) and any smaller teams within those. You’ll help different people connect within the company and ultimately, create a work environment ripe for new ideas and innovation.

Face-to-Face—Not Just Fun, It’s Science!
In a 2012 study published by MIT lead researcher Alex “Sandy” Pentland in the Harvard Business Review, researchers identified aspects of communication that increased a team’s performance: the energy, engagement, and exploration teams used when communicating. By far, face-to-face exchanges were the most valuable way to boost team performance. On the other hand, email and texting had the least benefit.

According to this study, 35% of a team’s performance can be predicted by the amount of face-to-face interactions they have. If you employ remote teams or have a workforce out in the field, a corporate event at the bowling alley will give employees the face-to-face interaction they need to help ensure success.

Lang’s Bowlarama can give you the fun, face-to-face, mixed teams environment that build healthy, successful teams—and it’s a guarantee that every attendee will leave with a smile!

Ready to Experience Fun AND Success at Your Next Event?
Call 401-944-0500 and ask for Dayna! Prefer email? No problem, email!

5 Reasons Why Putting on Bowling Shoes Together Strengthens Your Business Team

Lang's Bowlarama
At the Skyline Event Center at Lang’s Bowlarama: presentations on our 16ft projection screen!

High-performing companies are only as strong as their teams. Great leaders focus on building strong teams in order to reach goals and achieve more for the organization.

But do trust falls and ropes courses really strengthen teams like they seem to in the movies?

Research shows that team events will strengthen your business, but only when they’re organized with purpose. When it comes to moving the needle and making improvements, bowling remains one of the best team-building activities available.

Here are 5 reasons why your team needs to lace up your bowling shoes together.

  • Bowling Has a Clear Objective

Unlike most common team building activities, bowling is a purpose-driven game—the team that knocks down the most pins wins. When people on your team work together to get the highest score, they develop better communication skills and camaraderie. Wearing bowling shoes as a team can also break down barriers. While entry level employees might be afraid to mingle with the managers and executives at cocktail hour, bowling makes it easy to establish new relationships.

  • Bowling Is Inclusive

When someone on your team feels left out, they become detached and feel unappreciated. With 40 lanes, Lang’s Bowlarama can accommodate business teams of all sizes!  Whether your team has only four people or four dozen, we can make sure every member of your team feels included and has fun.

  • Bowling Offers Controlled, Lighthearted Competition

Good-natured competition is a requirement for a successful team building event. If team members can’t come together to achieve a result or work toward a goal, they won’t leave feeling more connected. Isn’t the point of team building to bring your team closer? Knocking down more pins than the opponent requires ambition. Whether or not your team wins on the lanes, everyone has fun.

  • Bowling Isn’t Just Social

Taking your team out for drinks or throwing a party might be fun, but how does it improve your team? Bowling unifies your team around a specific activity, encouraging conversation and helping unfamiliar people get to know each other better. Sharing the common experience of bowling helps people establish rapport.

  • Bowling Promotes Cooperation

When you assign people to their bowling teams, they’ll need to work together in order to succeed and get the highest score. During the team selection process, make sure you balance the teams equally. Spread the good bowlers and athletes out across teams. Then encourage anyone with bowling skills or athletic ability to help coach their teammates to improve.

The Bottom Line

As a team building exercise, bowling will be a hit for most people on your team. The sport promotes cooperation and teamwork plus rewards those that work well together. As a social event, bowling helps team members connect, meet new people, and walk away with stronger bonds.

Are you planning a team-building event? We have great packages guaranteed to have fun! Give us a call and come lace up your bowling shoes! Call Dayna at 401-944-0500 or email to get the ball rollin’!