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The Science Behind a Great Corporate Event!

If you’re planning a corporate or team-building event, don’t leave success up to chance and don’t use trial-and-error to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Why? Because researchers have done the hard work for you.

Use the following noteworthy findings to help you plan a successful corporate or team building event. Everyone will have fun AND you’ll watch the benefits clocking in with you come Monday morning.

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Some lovely ladies partying at Lang’s!  Photo: 2015 © Cat Laine.

Non-Work Communication—NOT a Waste of Time!
According to a study from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, a team’s success can be linked to how well they communicate outside of work topics: “With remarkable consistency, the data confirmed that communication plays a critical role in building successful teams. In fact, we’ve found patterns of communication to be the most important predictor of a team’s success.”

Non-work discussions increase respect and empathy among coworkers, the scientists at MIT say. And an event at the bowling alley easily invites informal and fun connections while your employees work as a team. They’ll be more likely to work together as people and help your company as a whole long after leaving the bowling alley.

Want to Innovate? Mix It Up!
In the office, friendships are bound to form within teams. But a study lead by researcher Doris Fay published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that multidisciplinary teams produce more innovation—that means office cliques and small subgroups are actually bad for generating new ideas.

At your next event, don’t let employees fall into the safety of their usual friend groups! Break up established cliques and department teams to foster new connections. When you pick bowling teams, mix up departments (finance, marketing, operations, etc.) and any smaller teams within those. You’ll help different people connect within the company and ultimately, create a work environment ripe for new ideas and innovation.

Face-to-Face—Not Just Fun, It’s Science!
In a 2012 study published by MIT lead researcher Alex “Sandy” Pentland in the Harvard Business Review, researchers identified aspects of communication that increased a team’s performance: the energy, engagement, and exploration teams used when communicating. By far, face-to-face exchanges were the most valuable way to boost team performance. On the other hand, email and texting had the least benefit.

According to this study, 35% of a team’s performance can be predicted by the amount of face-to-face interactions they have. If you employ remote teams or have a workforce out in the field, a corporate event at the bowling alley will give employees the face-to-face interaction they need to help ensure success.

Lang’s Bowlarama can give you the fun, face-to-face, mixed teams environment that build healthy, successful teams—and it’s a guarantee that every attendee will leave with a smile!

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5 Reasons Why Putting on Bowling Shoes Together Strengthens Your Business Team

Lang's Bowlarama
At the Skyline Event Center at Lang’s Bowlarama: presentations on our 16ft projection screen!

High-performing companies are only as strong as their teams. Great leaders focus on building strong teams in order to reach goals and achieve more for the organization.

But do trust falls and ropes courses really strengthen teams like they seem to in the movies?

Research shows that team events will strengthen your business, but only when they’re organized with purpose. When it comes to moving the needle and making improvements, bowling remains one of the best team-building activities available.

Here are 5 reasons why your team needs to lace up your bowling shoes together.

  • Bowling Has a Clear Objective

Unlike most common team building activities, bowling is a purpose-driven game—the team that knocks down the most pins wins. When people on your team work together to get the highest score, they develop better communication skills and camaraderie. Wearing bowling shoes as a team can also break down barriers. While entry level employees might be afraid to mingle with the managers and executives at cocktail hour, bowling makes it easy to establish new relationships.

  • Bowling Is Inclusive

When someone on your team feels left out, they become detached and feel unappreciated. With 40 lanes, Lang’s Bowlarama can accommodate business teams of all sizes!  Whether your team has only four people or four dozen, we can make sure every member of your team feels included and has fun.

  • Bowling Offers Controlled, Lighthearted Competition

Good-natured competition is a requirement for a successful team building event. If team members can’t come together to achieve a result or work toward a goal, they won’t leave feeling more connected. Isn’t the point of team building to bring your team closer? Knocking down more pins than the opponent requires ambition. Whether or not your team wins on the lanes, everyone has fun.

  • Bowling Isn’t Just Social

Taking your team out for drinks or throwing a party might be fun, but how does it improve your team? Bowling unifies your team around a specific activity, encouraging conversation and helping unfamiliar people get to know each other better. Sharing the common experience of bowling helps people establish rapport.

  • Bowling Promotes Cooperation

When you assign people to their bowling teams, they’ll need to work together in order to succeed and get the highest score. During the team selection process, make sure you balance the teams equally. Spread the good bowlers and athletes out across teams. Then encourage anyone with bowling skills or athletic ability to help coach their teammates to improve.

The Bottom Line

As a team building exercise, bowling will be a hit for most people on your team. The sport promotes cooperation and teamwork plus rewards those that work well together. As a social event, bowling helps team members connect, meet new people, and walk away with stronger bonds.

Are you planning a team-building event? We have great packages guaranteed to have fun! Give us a call and come lace up your bowling shoes! Call Dayna at 401-944-0500 or email to get the ball rollin’!