Your team will LOVE this!

During these months, you don’t often get a breather as work keeps piling up. Neither does your team.
With looming end-of-year deadlines and multiple family responsibilities, your team doesn’t have time to stop and smell the roses — or enjoy much joy the season has to offer. That’s why a surprise team-appreciation party could be just the thing to snap your team out of the dreaded end-of-year trance.

Surprise! It’s for you!

Because they’re so busy, they don’t expect you to put in the extra effort to show appreciation, let alone throw them a party. And, fortunately, it doesn’t have to take as much energy to surprise your team as you might suspect. Why? Because we’ll handle it.

Just tell us what you need to make them smile and we’ll work like busy bees to make sure your team loves it.

Book a room.

The best gift you can give them is a break, however brief, so get them out of the office and somewhere new … it also enhances the element of surprise. 😉

Our freshly renovated mid-century modern space, The Nelson Event Center, has everything you need to shower your team with gratitude and appreciation.

While drinks and good food might be enough to get them smiling, get your team to lace up bowling shoes and roll some balls — we have forty lanes of party potential! Bowling is a great way to get everyone smiling, joking, and laughing … a true break at a truly busy season.

Hear the music!

Imagine the smiles on their faces as they enjoy good food, have a drink or two, and come up with hilarious bowling team names. I bet you can already see how much they will love it. And we’ll be nearby to make sure they do!

If you’re a boss or manager who cares, your team probably already loves you. Remind them how much you love them! It’s not hard to get the good times rolling at Lang’s. It’s what we do for a living.

Pick up the phone, call Kayla at 401.944.0500. We’ll give you and your team the treatment you need to help you wrap up the year with smiles.

7 Reasons Why Party Planners Prefer The Nelson Event Center

Admit it. You love a good time. And the newly renovated Nelson Event Center inside Lang’s Bowlarama aims to please. New England party planners have already taken notice.  Here’s why.

It’s a great size.

The Nelson Event Center holds up to 125 guests cocktail style. If you include buffet and dinner tables and/or , you can host about 90-100 people in our chic space.

It’s stylish.

The Nelson pays homage to Lang’s Bowlarama founder Edward Nelson Lang, and embraces the style of bowling’s Golden Age with a nod to the aesthetic of the 50’s and 60’s. However, the color palette is neutral enough to mesh with any theme you choose.

It’s versatile.

The space was designed to accommodate all types of parties including team building and corporate events, Sweet 16s, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras as well as bridal and baby showers, milestone birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, and even small weddings. Whether you’re planning a seated dinner, a private party with dancing, or an elegant banquet, The Nelson can work for you!

It’s private and convenient.

Your event is special. No matter the event, the space is all yours – whether you bowl or not! Besides its accessible location off Route 10 with lots of parking, there is a separate outdoor entrance and privacy curtains facing the lanes. Plus it has its own private bar and restrooms as well. You’ll also gain complimentary access to a 16-ft projection screen and wireless microphone.

It’s got a bar.

No knocking elbows. No vying for the bartender’s attention. Great drinks at great prices. Enough said.

It’s affordable.

Affordable rates on rental options with or without bowling. Plus, we offer delicious and affordable catering! Everything from low key to high end – something for every budget!

Read more about the Nelson Event Center at Lang’s, or book an event today! Call Dayna for more info 401-944-0500 x1002 or email!

7 Ways to Make Meetings More Fun

It’s Monday. Take a look at your calendar. If you’re like most of us, you have too many meetings scheduled. They interrupt your day and somehow never seem to accomplish enough. But meetings don’t have to be boring or ineffective. With a little creativity, you and your department or team can make your meetings a lot more fun and productive!

We’ve got 7 out-of-the-box tips to help you do it!
1. Move Your Body

Sitting in one place makes you tired. Your mind wanders and drifts. If the meeting topic is already pretty boring, people might nod off or spend the time daydreaming. Ask attendees to stand, stretch, or even bounce or jog in place. Or better yet, go bowling at your next meeting.

2. Schedule Social Time & Connect with Everyone in the Room

Far too often meetings start with the agenda. Everyone looks down at the piece of paper in front of them and no one connects. Plan for about 10 minutes of “social time” before a meeting officially starts to engage people—they can socialize and catch up with each other.  This builds rapport among your team.

3. Change Locations

Do you always have your meeting in Conference Room C? Change it up. Go outside. Or schedule your meeting on one of our lanes or in The Nelson Event Center. The novelty of change will help keep people engaged.

4. Bowl to Boost Creative Brainstorming

Games are a great way to build connections among team members and to simply have a blast. Got a big planning/brainstorming meeting coming up? Go bowling then get down to business. When you’re done, finish the event with drinks, snacks, and another game in the all new Nelson Event Center!

5. Celebrate Success

Too often we’re “on to the next” before we’ve stopped to recognize the success we achieved. Don’t let this insatiable attitude poison your meeting. Recognize and celebrate your team’s achievements. Just finish a tough project? Take time out to congratulate everyone because every win is a step in the right direction.

6. Change Facilitators

When things are always the same, we tune out. Change keeps us on our toes and interested. Rotate the meeting’s facilitator to keep everyone engaged and bring new perspective. You may be amazed at what occurs and how fun and interesting meetings can become.

7. Promote Positivity

If you really want to make your meetings more fun and productive, start off by recognizing something positive. Ask people to list something they accomplished since last time or name a person who helped them do something. If you start off with complaints and problems, you’ll end with complaints and problems. Intentionally foster more positivity to set a tone for your meetings that is more supportive and creative.

Now Go Make Your Meetings More Fun!

We all know that thinking outside the box is great for innovation. Although these out-of-the-box tips might seem slightly weird, they can make your department or team meetings much more productive and fun.

Here at Lang’s Bowlarama, we often hear a lot of whooping and laughter at our corporate events. Plus we have an awesome space in The Nelson Event Center with all the tools to make a meeting successful! If you want some more help with making your meetings a blast, contact Dayna (401.944.0500, email: to discuss our packages for all tastes and budgets!

Want to Be a Rad Rhode Island Company? Appreciate Your Employees!

Your employees work hard to make your business run effectively. Without their countless hours of effort and determination, your profits would be lower and your business wouldn’t be what it is.  Keeping your company’s morale up starts with simple, daily acts of appreciation. Managers need to recognize a job well done and applaud their team’s hard work. A little recognition goes a long way to boost morale.

However, occasionally you can surprise your employees with something special! The following ideas will help make your business one of the raddest places to work in Rhode Island.

Cater to Your Employees

If you give a slice of filet mignon to a vegan, the gesture of appreciation falls flat. So, before you jump headfirst into planning how you’ll give back to your staff, you need to know what they would like. So, ask!
Create a simple survey using free services like Google Forms or Survey Monkey to discover whether your employees are bowling fanatics, cupcake lovers, or adventure junkies. Once you know them better, you can give your staff something they will truly appreciate and enjoy.

When to Give a Gift, or Throw an Event

Sometimes it makes sense to single one employee or a select team out for a spectacular job. In this instance, a gift could be perfect, something like flowers or a custom-made gift basket(s) could do the trick. Or if your employee is a millennial, an Amazon or iTunes gift card or cash bonus can be very effective.
An event allows your company to show appreciation for a group or all employees. Whether it is a team, a department, or everyone, you can plan something special to show them you care and let them know their hard work and impact on the company’s goals hasn’t gone unnoticed. From something as simple as Friday happy hour – in the office or out – at the end of the work week, to throwing an all out team building bowling bash, can go a long way toward fostering camaraderie and appreciation. (Read our blog post The Science Behind a Great Corporate Event! to see how important team building is to your end goal and productivity!)

Bowling events can put your employees on the same team (literally!) and force different departments to mix, mingle and have fun all while working together. Consider giving gifts to the highest (or lowest!) scoring bowler or team, or encourage teams to dress up for a best-dressed prize. Either way, bowling fosters the team atmosphere you need to make your event successful and get yours employees mixing and moving.

Lighten Up! Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Employee recognition and appreciation should be fun. If it feels like a chore or another obligation, you’re doing it wrong – and it won’t go over as well as you’d like. Choose a place that will help you plan the details to make for a perfect event. Great catering choices, fun activities, prizes, and healthy competition all make for a fun event.
When it comes to ranking as one of Rhode Island’s “raddest” places to work, less is more. Remember to appreciate your employees regularly. Luxurious events or special prizes cannot make up for a lack of appreciation on the daily job. But once that’s handled, invite your employees out for some fun.

Does a fun bowling party sound like a great way to appreciate your employees? All of us here at Lang’s are ready to make your day memorable. Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500 or to get the ball rolling!

Plan Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Bowling Bash!

A bachelor or bachelorette party must accomplish two things: bring you and your friends together to celebrate the momentous occasion of marriage, and be fun!

If you’ve been thrust into the role of Best Man or Maid of Honor, you’ve got a lot of planning to do for your party! Fortunately, some friendly competition on the bowling lanes can be a great way to have fun and bring friends together.

Settle on the Details … And Send the Invitations

The first step to planning a bowling-themed bachelor or bachelorette party is to pick a location and a date. Unless your mansion has lanes built in, book the time and space at your local bowling alley before another event steals the date.

Not every facility accommodates a private party well. But The Nelson at Lang’s Bowlarama offers you a beautifully renovated mid-century modern space with a private bar, along with 40 pristine lanes for fun bowling!

You also should get your guests in the bowling-frame of mind with themed invitations. Not only are these enjoyable, but they tell guests what they can expect.

Ask to Speak to the Events Manager

When you call the bowling alley to plan the party, speak to the events manager. At Lang’s you would talk to Dayna (401.944.0500 or, who would go through all the details with you to ensure your party is memorable and offers what you want.

Ask how the facility can help you plan the themed party to honor your special bride or groom. They’ll help you decide what food to serve and walk you through everything else.

 Personalize the Experience

While the bowling alley will provide most of your supplies (shoes, bowling balls, beverages, and snacks), the groom or bride will have a more memorable time when you personalize it.

Order custom t-shirts or baseball caps for the party. Besides being a great way to divvy up teams, these items can serve as party favors when the party is over.

Competitive Shenanigans

After your teams are assigned, get the games going. Friendly competition will keep your bachelor or bachelorette party rolling along. And it will motivate the party-goers to play their best.

Bachelorette or Bachelor inspired bowling team names can add tons of fun and humor. Perhaps you can offer a prize to the team with the best name.

If you live in Southern New England and want to plan an unfogettable  bachelor or bachelorette bowling party at Lang’s, call or email Dayna at 401.944.0500 or



Business Lessons from Google’s Private Bowling Alley

For years, we’ve heard how Silicon Valley is an amazing place to work. With free lunches, napping pods, and games to be played at almost every corporate headquarters, it’s a mystery how any work gets done at all … or is it?

While corporate culture might seem incompatible with bowling alleys and ping pong tables, things have changed in the last decade or two. Now, companies want to focus on employees at every level – because they risk losing them to competitors who will appreciate them. Doing so reduces turnover and boosts loyalty.

Google understands this workplace trend and has stepped ahead of it. Let’s examine some business lessons from Google’s private bowling alley. See why it works for them, so you can improve your business.

Promote Team Building from Within

Since Google has a bowling alley at their corporate headquarters, Googleplex, in Mountain View, California, teams simply book time on the lanes and go roll a few strikes and spares together. Considered the most popular participatory sport in America, bowling has been proven to bring people together and forge relationships.

Want to know more? See our blog post about why bowling strengthens your business team.

Reduce Turnover

Hiring a new employee is said to cost about 150 percent of that person’s first year of salary. When you tally up HR costs, employee turnover is expensive. When companies invest in their employees, turnover drops. Maybe the bowling alley at the Googleplex campus is a better investment than it appears to be on the surface.

Boost Focus

Since employees are encouraged to have fun while on the job, Googlers aren’t dying to clock out at the end of the day. Instead, employees at Google work longer and harder without complaint. Since they can go bowl a few rounds during their corporate meeting, there’s no rush to get out by six.

Happy Employees = Happy Business Owners

A grumbling employee drags his feet through the day. One that feels appreciated and happy is excited and eager to get things done. While it can be difficult to measure this, small actions to improve workplace morale can produce a lasting impact. And simple appreciation events, like taking your team bowling, can make a difference.

Apply Google’s Business Lessons to Your Company

Since Google employs thousands of people, building a bowling alley in their corporate headquarters was a sound investment. For smaller companies, this just isn’t feasible. But borrowing from their lessons could be good for your business.

Instead of dedicating the ground floor of your office building to your own private lanes, book ours and we’ll set everything up for you. Take a hint from Google – Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500 or to set up an unforgettable event!

Why Off-Beat Brides Love a Bowling Bash

Every year, more couples decide to forego tradition and get married in more unique and creative ways. For example, we know of a friend who recently proposed to his fiancé by giving her a KitchenAid Mixer rather than a traditional engagement ring. Can you imagine how creative their special day will be? Rec_0397.jpg

Although weddings remain a multi-billion dollar industry, a new trend has emerged. Couples choose to shirk the consumerist mentality and focus on having fun – both for themselves and the guests. This often means doing things on a budget. And doing things their way without compromise.

Why Offbeat Weddings Are Trending

Not only has the internet bred a crafty, do-it-yourself subculture, it has shown people endless options on how to save money on almost anything – including weddings.

Not only does an offbeat wedding give you more autonomy, you create a unique wedding experience, and you stand to save thousands of dollars. Plus, it’ll be a memory of a lifetime that is yours alone.

Rec_0290Offbeat weddings save couples thousands and why does it save money? Because traditional wedding venues and services raise their prices as soon as you utter the word “wedding.” Sometimes the location rental alone can cost $5,000 to $15,000 – before you’ve done anything else!

But making it “DIY” can add hours of extra projects and tasks to your to-do list. That’s why more brides every year choose to host their weddings at unique venues like bowling alleys because the venues relieve some of the burden.

Dancing, Buffet, and Bowling

When she learned she would not get a raise, Rachel Sifuentes decided to host her 70-person wedding at a Chicago-area bowling alley.

“Luckily, everything turned out to be great,” Sifuentes told CNN. She saved money and had a blast hosting her bowling bash. With the cash she saved, she was able to invite more friends and loved ones and have a delicious Italian buffet.

Sifuentes worried that her guests might notice how much money she saved by going off the beaten path. She also didn’t want her special day “to be a tacky wedding.”

But as Sifuentes and her now-husband followed their attendees down the center bowling “aisle” through an artful bowling pin design that faded into the dimmed background, the offbeat bride’s worries melted away. Her special day was a dream come true. And guests danced the night away in between bowling games in her private area.

Rec_0315.jpgIn August of 2016, Lang’s Bowlarama hosted a 200 person wedding for a special couple. They were married off-site, but guests enjoyed cocktail hour in The Nelson Event Center, a 3 course seated meal, and danced and bowled the night away to a DJ. It was as fancy as any wedding could be – with beautiful linens and centerpieces, a sweetheart table on the actual lanes, and a beautiful cake and candy buffet display! Guests raved about it was one of the most fun weddings they’d ever been to, and at the end of the night they wanted to stay and bowl longer because they were having so much fun!

Look Back at an Amazing Memory

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And couples will look back at their special day for the life of their relationship.Rec_0004.jpg

At Lang’s Bowlarama, we have experience hosting offbeat bowling weddings. We offer private accommodations and work with you to make your dream wedding happen. You’re dealing with enough stress, so we’ll do as much of the legwork for you as we can! Our on site Event Planner will help you with all the details to make the day go smoothly. Not ready to completely commit to a bowling wedding? Check out The Nelson Event Center for an unforgettable Engagement Party, Bachelor/ette Party, Bridal Shower or Rehearsal Dinner!

To hear more about our last successful wedding or to learn more, call 401-944-0500 and ask for Dayna! Or you can email her at

3 Ingredients Every Meaningful Team Outing Shares

Your company performs better when your teams are stronger and united. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to help the individuals see their colleagues in a different light. Fun, strategic out-of-work activities can expedite this rewarding process.

Planning a team outing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. But if you don’t tap into the core of what you’re trying to do, it could end up being a waste of time and money. Inject these three ingredients into your next team outing to make it more impactful and effective!

© Cat Laine
Have a ball with your team at Lang’s Bowlarama!

Don’t Stray Far from “Team”

If you’re just taking your group out for drinks, that’ll probably make them feel good or appreciated, but you’re not going to boost the strength of your team. To do that, you need to find a way to unite them around a common cause. Team activities, including bowling, are the simplest way to do this.

While parties are fun, they encourage people to fall into their comfortable cliques. Instead, organize your outing by building teams that encourage unfamiliar people to work together. This helps them discover another person’s personality and work style, which could reap benefits in the workplace.

Encourage Creativity through Comfort

When you’re with friends and people you’re comfortable with, you tend to dream up bigger ideas. Successful team outings not only encourage people to be more creative, but help more people in your team become comfortable with others at your company.

If you can help strangers at the workplace become acquainted and friendly, you’re encouraging an environment of innovation and creativity across departments. Just think about how more minds on the same wavelength could improve job performance and generate new solutions to your existing problems.

Always Highlight Communication

We’ve all been subjected to those cheesy team-building activities that encourage communication. Clearly, those lost our interest back in middle school. But that doesn’t mean they were inherently wrong.

Encouraging communication during your team outings is a fundamental ingredient to making them meaningful. Make communication integral to your event. If you can get your team members leaving with the ability to communicate better with just one other person, then you’ve succeeded.

Schedule Your Successful Team Outing!

Bowling has long been considered a great team outing and for very good reasons. As an affordable activity that encourages team building and camaraderie, reward your team with a few games on the lanes! Plus, you can mix your team up and foster new advantageous connections within your company.

Lang’s Bowlarama is a great place to host your next Team Building event! Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500 or to get the ball rollin’!

5 Tips to Make Your Company’s Holiday Party the Best Party Ever!

It’s that time of year – time to book the annual company holiday party! You want your company’s holiday party to be the highlight of the year. After all, it is the culmination and celebration of another successful year, in which your employees dedicated their time and energy to growing your organization!

canstockphoto19223414_partyStaff appreciate that you’re throwing a holiday party for them. So, if you want to make it one of the best events of the year, simply incorporate the following five tips.

Involve Everyone!

When you include employees, interns, temporary staff, and even volunteers, you’re recognizing every individual who keeps your organization running. While it costs more to include everybody in your year-end bash, your holiday party is not the time to skimp on invitations.

Without your staff, progress would be non-existent, and happy staff remain productive staff! Splurge and invite everyone who makes what you do possible.

If It’s Small, Make It Count

Not every company has a hundred or more employees—or an enormous budget, but that hardly means that small and microbusinesses should skip the holiday tradition.

Instead of planning an elaborate event, keep it small and make it memorable. Take employees out to a special lunch or dinner—or better yet, play hooky on a December afternoon and head to our lanes for a few rounds of bowling, beer, and well-earned fun.

Good, Clean Fun

While an open bar will certainly translate to increased turnout, real fun creates better memories. Volunteering, non-work communication and other activities foster comradery, which is exactly what you want to see in your team.

Set a Clear Intention

Everyone enjoys being recognized and appreciated. Give back to your employees by making sure they know you’re throwing this year’s holiday party for them. Plus, don’t punish anyone who may not be able to make it.

Extra tip: give your employees a few hours off and throw your party in the afternoon which eliminates the need for babysitters and will help make it possible for everyone to be there!

Cut Your Employees Some Slack

If you’re throwing your corporate holiday party during the day, reduce your employees’ workload accordingly. If your party is on a work night and drinking is involved, don’t expect everyone to show up at 8:30 a.m. sharp with bright eyes. In the giving spirit of the holidays, give your employees a break.

Make Your Holiday Party Count

Turn your holiday party into the highlight of the year. Book space on our bowling lanes or a private room for your entire team! Just call Dayna at 401-944-0500 and we’ll make it happen! Happy Holidays!

One Surefire Way to Improve Attendance at Your Next Fundraiser—Make It Fun!

downloadWhen it comes to raising money for your foundation or cause, it’s always a challenge to separate donors from their money. Even though people feel good contributing to a worthy cause, they often feel bombarded by opportunities begging them for their hard-earned money. So how do you stand out and help them choose you?

If you’re organizing a fundraising event, you’re already one step ahead of the curve. Far too many organizations rely solely on online fundraising platforms to acquire the money they need to turn their dream into reality.

You already have a plan, sent out “Save the Date” invitations, and promoted your event to everyone in your network. Now everything is out of your hands, right? Wrong! You can still influence the outcome of your event and boost attendance. How? Simply by making the event fun!

Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re raising money for the local sports team or to help the homeless, you can set your organization apart and attract attention by hosting the event at an exciting location.

Why settle for a boring conference room or run-of-the-mill hotel space when you could excite and entice people to participate?

Lang’s Bowlarama offers a renovated space equipped with a bar and bowling alleys that can easily accommodate dozens of prospective donors. Bowling or other fun, similar activities give guests an additional reason to attend your event.

Inspire Donors with Games, Incentives, and Gratitude

Every fundraising event is better with games and other fun activities. Who wants to discuss the depressing state of the world all evening?

But even if you are bowling, don’t let your event stop there. Design fun incentives to inspire your participants and donors.

When people can win something, they invest more energy and focus. Work with local merchants to offer prizes for “best bowler,” “highest team score,” or even “lowest score” if your group has a good sense of humor.

For example, you can create progressive donation goals using a thermometer-shaped chart. When milestones are met, make someone in your organization wear a funny wig or get a cream pie in the face.

Always remember to say ‘thank you’ often to your donors and participants. A little recognition goes a long way, especially when someone is supporting a good cause.

Now Go Put the “Fun” Back in Fundraising

It is already hard enough to ask someone for their money. And you won’t bore people into donating to your cause.

When you inject some fun into your fundraising, more people will show up and more people will donate.

Every smile you put onto an eventgoer’s face, gets you one step closer to making the world a better place.

Ready to Raise Some Funds?

Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500, or and discuss how Lang’s Bowlarama can turn your fundraising event into the fun, successful event you want and need it to be.