Your team will LOVE this!

During these months, you don’t often get a breather as work keeps piling up. Neither does your team.
With looming end-of-year deadlines and multiple family responsibilities, your team doesn’t have time to stop and smell the roses — or enjoy much joy the season has to offer. That’s why a surprise team-appreciation party could be just the thing to snap your team out of the dreaded end-of-year trance.

Surprise! It’s for you!

Because they’re so busy, they don’t expect you to put in the extra effort to show appreciation, let alone throw them a party. And, fortunately, it doesn’t have to take as much energy to surprise your team as you might suspect. Why? Because we’ll handle it.

Just tell us what you need to make them smile and we’ll work like busy bees to make sure your team loves it.

Book a room.

The best gift you can give them is a break, however brief, so get them out of the office and somewhere new … it also enhances the element of surprise. 😉

Our freshly renovated mid-century modern space, The Nelson Event Center, has everything you need to shower your team with gratitude and appreciation.

While drinks and good food might be enough to get them smiling, get your team to lace up bowling shoes and roll some balls — we have forty lanes of party potential! Bowling is a great way to get everyone smiling, joking, and laughing … a true break at a truly busy season.

Hear the music!

Imagine the smiles on their faces as they enjoy good food, have a drink or two, and come up with hilarious bowling team names. I bet you can already see how much they will love it. And we’ll be nearby to make sure they do!

If you’re a boss or manager who cares, your team probably already loves you. Remind them how much you love them! It’s not hard to get the good times rolling at Lang’s. It’s what we do for a living.

Pick up the phone, call Kayla at 401.944.0500. We’ll give you and your team the treatment you need to help you wrap up the year with smiles.