It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning Your Summer Party!

Because Spring has been flirting with us these last weeks (in between Nor’easters!), New Englanders are eager to get outside and enjoy nice weather. Perhaps, you’ve already thought about beach trips or a stint on Block Island.

But while Spring is still trying to fully appear, now is your chance to plan something for the summer that gets your loved ones together all under one roof. Start planning now and you’ll make it a time to remember.

Set the date now!

A party is only as good as the people who come. In the summertime, people get booked up fast. They may already have planned and paid for a vacation. Pick a date for your summer bash, write it on the calendar, and then make sure the people you want to attend can make it.

Book your party venue early!

Party venues book up quickly in the summer. After all, it is wedding season in Rhode Island. If you act now, you can seize the golden opportunity to get both your desired location and your party date of choice. Procrastinate, and you might be forced to compromise, or even worse, settle.

Leave time to be creative!

With time on your side, you can let your creativity shine (Pinterest is a great jumping off point for party theme ideas!)  The longer you wait to plan, the less flexibility you’ll have. When you start now, you could choose a party theme or decorate the venue like a pro.

Snag deals while you can!

When you plan early, you’ll find fantastic deals. Whether you need to rent Chiavari chairs or book a catered meal, time is on your side. Start browsing for your party now and you’ll save like a last-minute planner never could. And don’t forget, The Nelson Event Center at Lang’s Bowlarama offers a great space and the opportunity to theme your party however you want, bowling included or not!

Line up all the details!

Planning a stellar party takes time – ask any professional event planner! So, if you want to throw the summer bash of 2018, get all the details in order early. And if bowling is your thing, Dayna, our in-house event expert, can make your summer party dreams come true. Just call 401-944-0500 x1002 today!