3 Ingredients Every Meaningful Team Outing Shares

Your company performs better when your teams are stronger and united. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to help the individuals see their colleagues in a different light. Fun, strategic out-of-work activities can expedite this rewarding process.

Planning a team outing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. But if you don’t tap into the core of what you’re trying to do, it could end up being a waste of time and money. Inject these three ingredients into your next team outing to make it more impactful and effective!

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Have a ball with your team at Lang’s Bowlarama!

Don’t Stray Far from “Team”

If you’re just taking your group out for drinks, that’ll probably make them feel good or appreciated, but you’re not going to boost the strength of your team. To do that, you need to find a way to unite them around a common cause. Team activities, including bowling, are the simplest way to do this.

While parties are fun, they encourage people to fall into their comfortable cliques. Instead, organize your outing by building teams that encourage unfamiliar people to work together. This helps them discover another person’s personality and work style, which could reap benefits in the workplace.

Encourage Creativity through Comfort

When you’re with friends and people you’re comfortable with, you tend to dream up bigger ideas. Successful team outings not only encourage people to be more creative, but help more people in your team become comfortable with others at your company.

If you can help strangers at the workplace become acquainted and friendly, you’re encouraging an environment of innovation and creativity across departments. Just think about how more minds on the same wavelength could improve job performance and generate new solutions to your existing problems.

Always Highlight Communication

We’ve all been subjected to those cheesy team-building activities that encourage communication. Clearly, those lost our interest back in middle school. But that doesn’t mean they were inherently wrong.

Encouraging communication during your team outings is a fundamental ingredient to making them meaningful. Make communication integral to your event. If you can get your team members leaving with the ability to communicate better with just one other person, then you’ve succeeded.

Schedule Your Successful Team Outing!

Bowling has long been considered a great team outing and for very good reasons. As an affordable activity that encourages team building and camaraderie, reward your team with a few games on the lanes! Plus, you can mix your team up and foster new advantageous connections within your company.

Lang’s Bowlarama is a great place to host your next Team Building event! Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500 or dayna@langsbowlarama.com to get the ball rollin’!