One Surefire Way to Improve Attendance at Your Next Fundraiser—Make It Fun!

downloadWhen it comes to raising money for your foundation or cause, it’s always a challenge to separate donors from their money. Even though people feel good contributing to a worthy cause, they often feel bombarded by opportunities begging them for their hard-earned money. So how do you stand out and help them choose you?

If you’re organizing a fundraising event, you’re already one step ahead of the curve. Far too many organizations rely solely on online fundraising platforms to acquire the money they need to turn their dream into reality.

You already have a plan, sent out “Save the Date” invitations, and promoted your event to everyone in your network. Now everything is out of your hands, right? Wrong! You can still influence the outcome of your event and boost attendance. How? Simply by making the event fun!

Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re raising money for the local sports team or to help the homeless, you can set your organization apart and attract attention by hosting the event at an exciting location.

Why settle for a boring conference room or run-of-the-mill hotel space when you could excite and entice people to participate?

Lang’s Bowlarama offers a renovated space equipped with a bar and bowling alleys that can easily accommodate dozens of prospective donors. Bowling or other fun, similar activities give guests an additional reason to attend your event.

Inspire Donors with Games, Incentives, and Gratitude

Every fundraising event is better with games and other fun activities. Who wants to discuss the depressing state of the world all evening?

But even if you are bowling, don’t let your event stop there. Design fun incentives to inspire your participants and donors.

When people can win something, they invest more energy and focus. Work with local merchants to offer prizes for “best bowler,” “highest team score,” or even “lowest score” if your group has a good sense of humor.

For example, you can create progressive donation goals using a thermometer-shaped chart. When milestones are met, make someone in your organization wear a funny wig or get a cream pie in the face.

Always remember to say ‘thank you’ often to your donors and participants. A little recognition goes a long way, especially when someone is supporting a good cause.

Now Go Put the “Fun” Back in Fundraising

It is already hard enough to ask someone for their money. And you won’t bore people into donating to your cause.

When you inject some fun into your fundraising, more people will show up and more people will donate.

Every smile you put onto an eventgoer’s face, gets you one step closer to making the world a better place.

Ready to Raise Some Funds?

Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500, or and discuss how Lang’s Bowlarama can turn your fundraising event into the fun, successful event you want and need it to be.

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