6 Reasons to Throw a Summer Bowling Party!

Host a fun summer party!

With summer officially here, everyone in Rhode Island is heading to the beach. While that’s great, too many people miss out on a best kept secret—summer bowling parties. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, bowling can be an awesome way to party with your family and friends! Here are six reasons you should throw a bowling party this summer.

1. Come Party Rain or Shine
Unless you’re new to Rhode Island, you know that not only are our summers hot and humid, they slam us with an unexpected thunderstorm or two. Planning a party is hard enough as it is. But when it rains, an outdoor party is ruined. Book at Lang’s and you’re ready to party—rain or shine.

2. Beat the Heat
When temperatures start soaring into the 80s or 90s, it gets harder to motivate ourselves to get up and go. If you’re planning a summer party outside, hot Rhode Island days in July and August can kill the mood just as much as feet of snow can in the winter. Come enjoy some indoor fun on our air conditioned lanes and in our Skyline Lounge!

3. Less Planning Work for You
People who just show up to your party never seem to appreciate just how much hard work went into making the event spectacular. Instead of putting the burden on your shoulders, let us help plan your summer party! That gives you more free time to go out and actually enjoy the special occasion.

4. Forget the Mess
If we’re talking about a summer birthday party here, you know how messy 10-15 kids can be. They drop cake, they spill drinks … it’s a hassle to clean up after them when they leave your house. Since we offer affordable, all-included packages for parties, leave the mess to us.

5. Make It a Surprise
If you’ve ever planned a surprise party, you know how hard it is to keep the event hidden from the special person—especially if it’s hosted at your home. Make the surprise easier by driving them to us. We’ll do all the decorating for you to make the surprise exceptional.

6. Pizza, Beer, and More—All In One Place
Whether your guests are 7 or 70, we’ve got you covered. You can enjoy hot pizza and a full bar with a great draft and craft beer selection. We also offer healthier options that make moms happy like organic juice and whole wheat pizza crust! Want something fancy? We offer a full catering menu with hot entrees, appetizers, desserts and more!

Is a Summer Bowling Party Right for You?
We think so! At Lang’s Bowlarama, we handle all the details to make your summer party shine. Contact Dayna at 401.944.0500, or dayna@langsbowlarama.com for more information today.