Steal These Ideas and Plan the Best Surprise Party!

Plan a surprise party at the Skyline Event Center!

When planning the best surprise party for your special person, you don’t want to leave things up to chance. Whether the party is for a loved one’s birthday, a coworker’s retirement, or your department’s hardworking staff, flawlessly executing the event can be a daunting task. You have a lot of things to juggle all at once!

As you plan and execute your next surprise party, steal these ideas to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

When NOT to Make an Entrance…
What’s the best way to ruin a surprise party? Have a guest show up late and accidentally give it all away! Schedule the meet-up time much earlier—at least 30 minutes—before the special person’s arrival. Clearly explain it’s a SURPRISE party in the invitation and late arrivals could ruin the fun.

If someone is late, be proactive. Call or text him/her. Ask him/her to wait in the car until the surprise is over. Explain that he/she’s cutting it close and could ruin everything. After you’ve surprised the special person, call the late attendee and invite them on in to party.

The Early Bird … Doesn’t Stress
Of course it’s possible to plan a surprise party in a week—if you’re a very organized person. But with so many moving parts, why struggle and stress to get everything right? Start planning a few weeks, or maybe even months, before the party date to reduce the chances of ruining the surprise.

Video Killed the Radio Star …
After weeks or months of planning, don’t let the big “SURPRISE!” moment go by without getting it on video along with some great pics. Yes, everyone’s phone has a camera now, but why not pass around a bunch of disposable cameras? This way you’ll collect lots of images and you don’t have to wait for anyone to email them to you.

This Isn’t Sixteen Candles—Don’t “Forget Their Birthday”
With all of the hard work you’re investing into the party, don’t inadvertently make the special person feel like everyone’s forgotten! That could hurt her feelings, and the surprise might not compensate for the disappointment she’s felt all day.

The best surprise parties happen when you continue to live life the way you normally would. Maybe you can plan a small decoy gathering or plan a “just you and me” outing. Make sure you demonstrate she’s still on your mind—she’ll suspect nothing.

Three Common Surprise Spoilers—Avoid at All Cost!
1. Children have trouble keeping secrets—don’t tell them about the surprise party weeks before the event. If you need to tell them at all, let them know the day of, that way they don’t have to keep the secret for long.
2. Keep decorations inside and hidden. If you’re boosting your surprise party with flashing lights or other attention-grabbing decorations, make sure they’re not visible from outside the venue.
3. Don’t leave clues. If the special person finds clues, the whole event could be compromised. Keep all receipts hidden and make sure not to accidentally email the person of the hour!

Location, Location, Location
When it comes to throwing a memorable surprise party, you need to know what your special person likes, and there are lots of options … you could host the party at home, a park, hotel, or a beach. But if your special person loves bowling, or simply hanging out with friends with some good food and drinks, a surprise party at Lang’s Bowlarama just might be your perfect location!

If you want to make your next surprise party is a memory of a lifetime, contact Dayna at 401-944-0500 to discuss your options! The Skyline Event Center is a great spot to host a surprise party! With affordable prices, full bar, delicious catering options and more, it’s a great spot to host a great event!

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